The Essential Components of GROW
Positive relationships between the child and the staff are very important. GROW looks on each child’s small steps of progress in self-awareness and self-regulation as major achievements, and measures progress in very individual terms.

The emotional, behavioural and social objectives include:

  • ensuring that parents/carers and the child fully understand the GROW provision expectations of learning and behaviour;
  • helping the child learn to make informed choices and take responsibility for their own behaviour;
  • promoting tolerance and respect for others and property;
  • recognising the values of honesty, fairness, trust and courtesy;
  • recognition of achievement and success.

The framework for behaviour management defines behaviour and appropriate responses. The framework aims to teach, model, and allow for practice, whilst reinforcing pro-social behaviour. Establishing the basics- attendance, punctuality and respectful manners are very important.


  • are clear and consistent boundaries;
  • is an emphasis on teaching responsibility;
  • are routines, systems and procedures.

 The GROW specialist staff team:

  • teach routines and rules and explain consequences systematically;
  • model presentations of routines and rules and then check understanding;
  • allow time to practice and questions;
  • praise when the rules and routines are followed;
  • being thorough in following through the meaningful consequences;
  • review the routines and the rules.