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To Infinity And Beyond Grow!!

​Since Christmas, the children at Braintree have been learning about space and exploring it. The children have learned about the planets, the moon and the  Apollo 11 mission. We know that Neil Armstrong was the the first man to walk on the moon. INTERESTING FACT ALERT!  Did you know that Buzz Lightyear, from the film Toy Story was named after Neil Armstrong's friend who went to the moon with him called Buzz Aldrin. 

The Mayans of Newland Spring

Our topic this half term has been Chocolate. We have studied the Mayan people. 

For art we made Chichen Itza. .  

In cooking we made Mexican, Mayan and chocolate recipes. 

The photo shows us making chocolate truffles.

The Christmas Spirit is Alive

At Braintree we are really in the festive mood, Making Cards and our own Christmas trees..

Merry Christmas From us all here at Grow..... 

How To Make Tie Dye T Shirts!

GROW Intensive Clacton have been making tie dye t-shirts. All the children have listened to all instructions, followed all the rules and expectations and most importantly - they have had fun. They all wrote an instruction booklet so that they can teach another how to make one. They are all so happy with their results and we hope you'd agree they are absolutely beautiful!

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It's Just Me, Myself & I

This half term we have been learning about 'Me, Myself and I' and for DT, we have been cooking British dishes including Eton Mess and Apple pies.  

Welcome To Growville.

During the summer term at GROW Chelmsford, we built our new role play area Growville.  

Happiness In A Jar

At Clacton Grow, the children spent time decorating happiness jars during a 6 core strength lesson.
The aim was to write about people, things or places that make them happy.
These two children worked incredibly hard not only writing as neat as possible but spent a lot of time decorating their jars.

The first jar  is LG's and the second jar is JG's.

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 Very Nice!!!

Well Done HH

 This is HH

When he first started his GROW placement, he didn't know any of his times tables and were often a trigger for him.

He has worked incredibly hard to learn his timetables
The staff at GROW are incredibly proud to announce HH completed his first speedy tables grid all in one go!
What a fantastic achievement!

Clacton's Art Class

The children have been learning about artwork by John Constable.

These two children paid great attention to detail during the input and were able to produce these fantastic masterpieces of places that make them happy. The picture on the left is JG's and the picture on the right is LG's