Harlow GROW
Hosted by Cooks Spinney Primary School

Harlow GROW will be hosted by Cooks Spinney Primary School in Harlow. The provision will opening in September 2019. 

Cooks Spinney Primary is an associate GROW, as it is not part of the Learning Pathways Trust. Cooks Spinney Primary is a member of the BMAT - a small co-operative trust of schools in Essex.

GROW@ Cooks Spinney has a bright, spacious new self-contained building in the grounds of the school. It is placed within a green, therapeutic and calm environment. The school has a caring, inclusive and ambitious ethos under the motto Per Ardua Ad Astra, which means “through adversity to the stars”. The core values of the school are: adaptable, articulate, adventurous, altruistic and ambitious.

The team at GROW @ Cooks Spinney provide a therapeutic approach to the development of the whole child by following the core values: these are compassion, kindness, hope, connection and belonging.

A creative curriculum is used to teach learning skills and behaviours alongside targeted work on developing social and emotional skills, resilience and self-regulation. Children benefit from positive feedback and experiences and the team work alongside schools and families and other agencies to support this. While they are at GROW@ Cooks Spinney, children will have the opportunity to have breakfast, enjoy outdoor learning, take part in sensory and movement breaks and develop their self-esteem and confidence before GROW continue to support the successful reintegration back to the referring school.

Harlow GROW telephone: 01279 701 187
School telephone: 01279 437 590
School website: http://www.cooksspinneyacademy.org/
School address: Cooks Spinney Primary School,
CM20 3BW



Meet the Harlow Team

Mr Vullo

Head of Provision

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Mr Kirk 



Miss Perry 



Miss Johnson 

Miss Dominique