Transitions from GROW

All children will be part of a carefully coordinated transition plan, with the right structures in place and close partner relations with the receiving school in order to support a successful transition. Transitions are always bespoke; how long it takes and how it looks is dependent on the individual child and circumstances.

It has been our experience that a child thriving and making progress within a GROW provision may struggle during any transition period between the primary, secondary or special education.  As a result of this, GROW teams always support a well-planned and structured transition programme for all children including any in year 6.  This includes using a transition book to support the child’s and family’s understanding.

At Year 6 to mainstream or special

When it is known that there is a transition then this is an immediate opportunity to speak in detail with the receiving school about the child who has been allocated a place. 

Information about the child is shared within a meeting and then used to plan for the support ready for when they start at the school. Children will also be supported to visit the new school, experience some lessons and familiarise themselves with their new surroundings. The GROW staff will accompany the children in doing this.

Parents are also invited to visit the new school when they too have the chance to meet the new key staff. Any issues can be addressed quickly as a result.


Transitions for children when there is a school to GROW referral

At the time of a referral for support the referring school understands that they are in partnership with the GROW provision. Part of this partnership is the need for regular planned progress reviews with planned transitions back to the school.

Beyond attending GROW

The GROW team will maintain contact with the receiving school once the transition period is over in order to make sure that the child continues to make the necessary progress. This can involve communication by phone, email or direct visits.